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Behind the Scenes Film: Smart in the Kitchen

For those subscribed to my newsletter, I shared last week about the importance of having a video strategy, rather than a one-off Branded Film or Behind the Scenes Film. A video strategy doesn't necessarily have to include all professionally produced, cinematic films (although your Branded Film should definitely be professionally produced).

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Behind the Scenes Film: Hatton Henry

I first discovered Hatton Henry on Instagram and instantly fell in love with quality, style, and timeless designs of their handmade leather bags. Needless to say, I was super excited to create this Behind the Scenes Film for Vanessa Vaught, the lovely owner of this all woman-run operation.

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Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Branded Film For Your Business

When inquiring about a Branded Film for their small business, most clients have a general idea of what they want from the film -- to visually showcase their story, connect with their ideal clients, and stand out from the competition. However, many don't know much about the filmmaking process.

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