The Branded Film Starter Kit is perfect for the business that is serious about incorporating video into their marketing strategy. It includes a Branded Film, Social Media Trailer and 2 Product Films. If you want to take advantage of consumers’ growing love for video, but don’t know where to start, this kit is for you. You will receive 4 great films to get the content rolling and kick start your video campaign. The Branded Film and Social Media Trailer share your story and build trust with your audience, while the Product Films showcase your particular products and services in more detail.


The Branded Film connects your brand to your audience on a personal level by sharing your brand’s story, your vision, and the passion that drives it all. This package is perfect for the business that wants to build brand awareness and engage their customers in a meaningful way. In addition to the full 2-3 minute Branded Film, a 1 minute Social Media Trailer is also included in the Branded Film package. Use this shortened film to share with your followers or use it as a teaser to drive traffic back to your site.


A Behind the Scenes Film is a simple yet engaging way to visually showcase you and your business at work. This film is purely visual and is perfect for craft businesses, product businesses or events.


When photos aren’t enough to demonstrate all of the great qualities of your product, showcase them in a Product Film. With a mixture of beautifully clean product shots and engaging lifestyle shots, the Product Film highlights all of the features while allowing the viewer to envision how the product fits into their own life.

Nikki Tripp

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