What are the sweet everyday moments with your family that you want to remember? Maybe it’s making waffles with your kids every Saturday morning or singing your newborn baby to sleep. For me, it’s listening to music and making dinner with my husband on a Friday night or strolling the neighborhood on cool evenings picking out which houses we’d love to live in one day. Along with the big, celebratory moments, there are so many other small, everyday moments that I want to remember about our lives right now. They’re not super big or exciting, but they are what make our lives so special and our own.

A Legacy Film isn’t just another home video. It’s a film that preserves your family's heritage and shows your home as it is right now. Maybe you have a toddler and life is new experiences, making messes, laughing and learning more about the world. Or you have teenagers who are about to go off on their own and life is about cherishing the last moments of childhood before they pave their own way. No matter what stage, life is ever-changing, but these small moments are worth remembering and preserving.

So how exactly does a Legacy Film work? Well essentially it's just me hanging out with your family for a couple hours! We'll have a loose plan of typical activities that your family normally does together, and I'm just there to capture moments as they occur. I don't direct you, and nothing is scripted out. The result is a living snapshot of your sweet family that you can reflect on for years to come.