Why You Need a Prop Stylist for Your Film Shoot

Friends, I am so excited for my guest blogger this week! Becki Griffin of Curious Details is an amazingly talented decorator, stylist, photographer and creative consultant. Her work has been featured in Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Sampler, Flea Market Decor and Where Women Create, just to name a few. Not only does she have an amazing eye for detail, loads of talent and a portfolio of top-notch publications, but she is kind, encouraging and hilarious!

I first met Becki almost a year ago when I worked for The Vintage Round Top, and I had the pleasure of working with her for the Old Glory Behind the Scenes Films later that year. Seeing her work at Old Glory truly convinced me of the value of a prop stylist in any shoot. While I capture the visual story of your brand and story, Becki creates it through the environment. Every element and detail of your film should be carefully curated to reflect your brand and story, and environment is a huge part of that. Becki was gracious enough to take some time to explain what exactly a prop stylist does and why it's an important aspect of telling your story. 

Becki Griffin_Curious Details_Prop Stylist_Video Shoots

I wear a lot of hats in my business, but my favorite by far is prop styling because unlike decorating a house, prop styling is fast and fun! I’ve worked with magazines, designers, shopkeepers, lifestyle brands and photographers.

Country Living Cover_Becki Griffin_Prop Stylist

Photo Annie Schlechter | Styling Becki Griffin

Here’s a little secret for you. Chances are, every room you’ve ever loved in a decorating magazine has been worked on by a team of people, one of them being a prop stylist.

Holly Mathis Country Living_Becki Griffin_Prop Stylist

Photo Buff Strickland | Styling Becki Griffin | Designer Holly Mathis for Country Living Magazine

A prop stylist knows how to approach a room, brand shoot or video to make it sing with the right details to tell your story in your own unique voice through thoughtfully styled images. 

Old Glory Style Denver_Becki Griffin_Curious Details_Prop Stylist

Photo Becki Griffin for Old Glory Antiques

Through a conversation about the art direction we can create the visual story that your brand wants to tell. I love to help clients conceptualize their big moment for photographs or video. This is your opportunity to be bold! Trust your photographer and stylist to make your images top notch.

Becki Griffin styles for Country Living_Designer Holly Mathis

Photo Buff Strickland | Styling Becki Griffin | Designer Holly Mathis for Country Living Magazine

Many of the spaces I’ve worked in are perfectly lovely in real life. But seeing a space or product through the lens is quite different and requires a trained eye. Perspective, composition, scale, texture, balance and contrast are all important elements of styling and when applied, keep a room from looking flat. We want the environment to be interesting and have an aesthetic that fits the client.

Becki Griffin style The Vintage Round Top Dinner_Prop Stylist

Styling Becki Griffin for The Vintage Round Top

As a prop stylist, I recommend and source carefully chosen props, flowers and plants and bring them to the shoot location. Then, I get busy editing the space. I add and take away and layer, then add some more. Or, in some cases, it’s a matter of eliminating visual clutter and making things neat and tidy.

Country Living_Becki Griffin styles for Hildebrand_Curious Details

Photo Buff Strickland | Styling Becki Griffin for Country Living Magazine

Stylists know how to “cheat the angle” of furniture to fill the frame in a way that makes better sense to the eye. We pay extra close attention to every detail of a room. 

Country Living Magazine_Stylist Becki Griffin_Curious Details

Photo Annie Schlechter | Styling Becki Griffin for Country Living Magazine

If you would like to see more of my work, visit my website and take a spin through my portfolio. If your wheels are turning and you’re interested in talking more about styling or art direction for your business, shoot me an email via my website. I would love to chat with you about your project! 

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