West Coast Road Tripp

I can't believe it's almost December and already 4 months since my and Jordan's road trip! I know it's been awhile, but I wanted to share a little background of the trip and the process behind some of my favorite shots.

This was our second major road trip together, and both of our road trips revolved around the west coast. On our first big trip, we left the day after I graduated college and drove from Austin to Los Angeles, stopping at the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas along the way. On our most recent road trip, we wanted to explore the pacific northwest, so we drove from Big Sur to Seattle with stops in San Francisco, the Redwoods, Crater Lake, and Portland.

I've become increasingly nostalgic about both trips, because they both marked big changes in my life. The first trip celebrated the last days of freedom before I entered adulthood, and the second came right before I quit my job in communications and decided to pursue filmmaking. This trip to the pacific northwest was the time and place where I made the decision to go back to filmmaking, and the footage is a total reflection of my mindset. I really love how the video came together. Below are some of my favorite shots and why it was important for me to capture them.

Tripp Films, West Coast Road Tripp, Big Sur

Big Sur was by far my favorite stop on the trip. The cliffs and immense Pacific Ocean were unlike anything I've ever seen before. The entire time we drove down Route 1, we just kept stopping every quarter mile to take more videos and photos because the views were so stunning. Even though this shot doesn't do the real view justice, I love the way it looks as though the ocean is never-ending.

Tripp Films, West Coast Road Tripp, Highway 1

We were on a road trip, so it was obviously important to get some driving shots. I actually really love shooting driving shots. The shots driving on Highway 1, across the Golden Gate bridge, and through the Redwoods are some of my favorite footage throughout the whole trip. I think they show great perspective and make anyone feel like they are there with us.

Tripp Films, West Coast Road Tripp, Multnomah Falls

This shot is important for two reasons. First, I know I said Big Sur was my favorite stop of the trip, but it actually may be a tie with Portland and Multnomah Falls. Portland was so chill compared to the rest of our trip. We ate really good food and just marveled at the beautiful falls. Out of all the places we visited, Portland is one of the few I would really like to live in. The second reason is that Jordan and I collect patches from all of the places we visit, and I wanted to capture our special tradition. We got the idea from Adventure Patch and thought it was a great way to collect souvenirs. Patches are cool, unique, and also light-weight while you're traveling. We found a patch at every stop as evidenced by Jordan's Instagram feed full of patch photos. 

Tripp Films, West Coast Road Tripp, Safeco Field

The last stop of our trip was a Mariners game at Safeco field. I'm not a huge sports fan, but Jordan LOVES baseball. It's probably his second love behind me. He has a baseball bucket list that involves watching a game in every baseball field in America. It was super important to him that we go to a baseball game on the trip and luckily the Mariners were playing the night before we flew home. This was stadium number 12 of 30. 

If you have any questions about the video or specific shots or places, feel free to comment below or email me! I'd love to answer any questions. We already have several trips planned for 2017, so get ready for more Tripp Travel Films next year!