The #1 Way to Separate Your Small Business from the Crowd

In an online world, it's easier than ever for anyone to start a business. All you need is a name and a website, and you're up and running. With this new ease comes more competition and the need to set your business apart. What sets YOUR business apart from the competition? Is it your unique product, the personal experience you provide, or maybe the niche market you serve? You may know what sets your business apart from the others, but the key is communicating that to your clients. And what is the perfect way to do that? Well a Branded Film of course! Film is such a powerful tool for communication and I'll share with you three ways that it helps your small biz stand out from the crowd.

1. A Branded Film Shows How Your Business is Unique

The wonderful thing about film is that it has so many devices within itself that help you communicate information. Movement, color, framing, angles, editing, sound, and music are all tools that you can use to help express your unique brand. These tools not only visually show your product or service, but also convey the feeling, tone, and themes of your brand. These things may seem little, but with oversaturated markets like photography, event planning, or retail stores, these "little things" make a big difference.

This film for Garnished Event and Kati Hewitt Photography sets both of their brands apart for their light and airy romantic feel. Along with showing Kati working with the couple and Kelcie styling the shoot, the film uses all of the details, cinematic movement, and color to convey a romantic heirloom tone that emotionally connects with the couples they ideally want to work with. Which bring me to my next point...

2. A Branded Film Emotionally Connects Your Brand with Your Clients

The second wonderful thing about film is that it conveys emotion unlike anything else. With the movement toward handmade, local, and ethical products/services, customers want to feel connected to brands they purchase from. They have a million and one options, and just need a reason to trust you over another business. Give them that reason by telling your unique story, showing them the culture of your brand, and giving them a feel for the experience of working/buying from you.

3. A Branded Film Legitimizes Your Business

A professional Branded Film brings your website and brand to a whole new level. When clients see that you took the time and resources to make a film that shares your brand and story, they know that you are serious about your business. Clients know that you are serious about them as well. I've had clients tell me that customers chose them, because they're branded film legitimatized their business among the vast pool of competition. 

Now that you know why a Branded Film is the ultimate way to differentiate your small business, the next step is to leave it to a professional. You know your brand inside and out and that's your speciality, but my specialty is adapting your brand and business into a beautifully told, visually compelling Branded Film. I'm super passionate about helping small businesses tell their story through film, and I'd love to help your business. If you're interested in telling your story, I'd love to hear from you!