Sneak Peek: Ashley Kahn Wardrobe Stylist

Recently, I've been working with wardrobe stylist Ashley Kahn to create a unique video that showcases her services to potential clients. The problem that Ashley faces is that most people have never heard of a wardrobe stylist before or understand what exactly she does. As a stylist, she helps women reimagine their wardrobes by creating outfits they hadn't thought of before with the clothes they already own in their closets. She also helps organize closets and teaches people how to shop more efficiently and economically. 

Sounds cool, right? But words alone don't always get the point across. Most of her clients need to see her working in their closets before they really understand how she can help them and how valuable her work is. This is where the video comes in. I've been working with Ashley to create a video that will really show off her work in women's wardrobes, so that she doesn't have to spend as much time working to get new clients and can spend more time doing what she loves styling. 

Conveying the right information and visuals has been a key part of the project. Ashley and I have had many conversations about how best to reach her audience through the look, feel, and sound of the video. This video will be a great tool to easily market herself toward potential clients on her website and through social media platforms in an engaging way. I'm super excited to see it all come together once we're finished shooting the last few pieces. For now, here's a sneak peek of some of the footage we've already gathered for Ashley Kahn's brand and informational video!