Setting Goals for 2019

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For those that know me, I am a very motivated, goal-oriented person. I’m a Type 3 on the Enneagram, an Achiever, and I do, do, do until I burn out… which is exactly what happened at the end of 2018. My second full year in business, 2018 was one for the books. I accomplished personal and business goals, grew my business, traveled for fun and for work, started new things, quit many of them, and by the time I got to Thanksgiving, was completely exhausted. I didn’t want to even think about next year or setting goals, I just wanted to turn my brain off.

While all of this was going through my mind (exhaustion, burn out and the desire to just push it all out of my mind), I listened to an episode of one of my favorite podcasts, The Pitch. If you listen/read/follow any type of business, entrepreneur or motivational influencers, I’m sure you’ve come across the phrase “speak things into existence.” Last year, I’ve heard a lot of variations of this positive-thinking idea. “Put your dreams out into the universe and they will manifest.” What in the world does that mean?? I believe positivity is a great asset, but things don’t just happen because you want them to. I like concrete ideas and steps I can take to accomplish them. In “After the Pitch: Sudden Coffee” Episode, the guest Joshua Zloof talked about this very idea of what it means to put things out into the universe, and the host Josh Muccio summarizes the idea by saying, “It’s just a matter of actually knowing what you want, so that when those things actually cross your path, you’ll seize the opportunity, you’ll see it.” Now that makes sense to me. There’s nothing mystical about it. When you know what you’re looking for, you will make choices and take advantage of opportunities that will get you there.


With the idea of knowing what to look for in 2019, I also took stock of everything I learned in 2018: how to serve my clients better, ways to improve my process, practical business operations, further refining of my ideal client and how to take better care of myself. I wrote a small, yet robust list of the goals I want to accomplish in 2019 to run a successful business. I hung this list on my wall and wrote it at the front of my notebook to remind myself of what to look for as I live my day-to-day this year.

While goals and to-do lists are important for me to stay on track, I realize that I probably don’t want to end this year feeling burnt out again. So along with my list of goals, I am also thinking through daily rhythms to keep me grounded and rested. Things like spending time in prayer and meditation on the Bible each morning, reading books that expand my horizons, taking quiet walks through the neighborhood and listening to podcasts that make me happy.

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I’d love to hear about your 2019 goals/resolutions or any daily practices that have helped you stay grounded, please share in the comments!