Rebrand Reveal + Brand Inspiration

Tripp Films_Rebrand_Nature.jpg

It's finally here! The rebrand has officially launched!! While it's not a huge departure from what my brand used to be, it's definitely more in line with what I hope to portray to the world. I could not be more thankful to Nikki Mihalik of Akula Kreative for bringing my vision to life! In her Branding Workbook, she asked for 5 words to describe my business, and I thought it would be fun to use those 5 words to share the intention behind my brand and my business values.

Tripp Films_Rebrand_Design

1. Relaxed

The idea of being in front of a camera can be nerve-wracking. Where do I look? What do I do with my hands? How do I say this in the perfect way?? I totally get it. It's natural to be nervous, especially if you haven't been in front of the camera often. That's why one of my main goals is to make you feel relaxed before and during your shoot. If you're comfortable and confident, then that will come across on camera and your film will be all the better for it. This is the reason I've always wanted shades of green as my colors. It's peaceful and natural, exactly how I want you to feel during the filmmaking process.

Tripp Films_Rebrand_Patches.jpg

2. Organic

Staying true to your business and brand is essential in all communications, and your Branded Film is no different. Everything in your film should feel natural to your business and story. Aside from my origin story (which you can read here), this is also why I wanted natural settings to play a big part in my branding. 

Tripp Films_Rebrand Reveal

3. Clean

While I value a relaxed and organic approach, I also think keeping things clean and simple is important. A Branded Film shouldn't feel overly complicated to watch. An important skill in filmmaking is knowing how to edit, aka how to pare something down. There's a delicate balance between tightening up a film and letting it breathe, both of which are important for an engaging film.

Tripp Films_Rebrand_Business Card.jpg

4. Personal

Keeping it personal in your Branded Film is always the best route. People relate to other people. Keeping it personal doesn't mean that you can't also be customer focused at the same time. While your Branded Film should be speaking to your audience and their needs, it should also be communicating your story as well. I try to live this out in a lot of my communications, from the blog, to Instagram, to my newsletter and now to my branding. The TF badge is an abstract drawing of Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, which is a callback to my origin story. 

Tripp Films_Rebrand_TF Patches.jpg

5. Handcrafted

Each story is unique, therefore each film is unique. There's no cookie cutter, mass approach to creating a film; I get to know each of my clients and create an plan that fits them. This is a super important aspect of my business that I hoped would be portrayed in the new brand. I love the hand-drawn badge created by Nikki Mihalik and the handwritten fonts.