Rebrand Inspiration: West Coast Road Tripp


In 2016, I went on a road trip that ended up being a turning point in my career and what ultimately led me to start Tripp Films. Because of this trip, travel has always been a huge inspiration for my branding. However, Nikki of Akula Kreative refined my branding even more using this particular story to draw inspiration for my new logo. I am so in love with it and I'm so giddy with excitement to reveal it soon on September 4!!! In the meantime, enjoy reading part of my origin story. 

West Coast Road Tripp_Tripp Films_Big Sur
West Coast Road Tripp_Tripp Films_Bixby Bridge
West Coast Road Tripp_Tripp Films_Big Sur

Up to the time of our trip, I had gotten my degree in Film from the University of Texas, worked as a wedding videographer and freelancer in Austin, and ended up moving to Houston at the end of 2015. When my husband and I moved to Houston, I had been shooting weddings on average 2-3 weekends a month for almost 3 years and had gotten super burnt out. We moved because of his job, so I didn't have anything lined up, but I knew I wanted to do something different. I landed a job as a Communication Coordinator, which I soon found out just wasn't for me.

West Coast Road Tripp_Tripp Films_Big Sur_Story Inspiration

About 9 months after I started my new job in Houston, Jordan and I had planned this big 10 day road trip along the West Coast, from Big Sur, Calilfornia, to Seattle, Washington. I hadn't done a whole lot of filming since moving and was itching to get back into it. So I decided I would film our experience. We had so many amazing adventures and saw so many beautiful places, that I felt like I was taking this huge inhale and exhale during the entire trip. It was this big reset and breath of fresh air that I needed to put things into perspective. I didn't want to waste time doing things that weren't important to me. What felt important to me was telling stories and using filmmaking to do it.

West Coast Road Tripp_Tripp Films_Redwoods_Rebrand Inspiration
West Coast Road Tripp_Tripp Films_Crater Lake

I came back with a new mindset, quit my job a month later and started Tripp Films. I do want to say that this wasn't some grand thing that I did on a whim. This was something I was thinking about and praying about since I had started my job in Houston, but I thought it wouldn't become a reality until much later in a few years. However, God works in his own timing and pretty much lined everything up for me when I returned from our trip. I hadn't even started looking, but He provided a part-time job for me that was super flexible and a much better fit for me while I started to build my business. I can look back and see all the ways that God was working in my life to bring me to this point, and it truly blows my mind. He's provided for me ever since, and this company is a testament to His will, not my own. 

West Coast Road Tripp_Tripp Films_Multnomah Falls_Portland
West Coast Road Tripp_Tripp Films_Public Market_Seattle

This story is such a big part of who I am and what Tripp Films is. I love that my brand will be a direct reflection of where I've come from, but also the hope I have for my business. After the rebrand officially launches, I'm excited to share more about my philosophy and how the heart of my new branding ties into it.  

Our road trip destinations included: Big Sur, San Francisco, Redwoods, Crate Lake, Portland & Seattle.

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