July Movie Roundup

This month, my husband Jordan and I got on a little Spielberg kick with three of his films (well two and a half...), along with a new documentary and Bo Burnham's debut film. Keep reading for my thoughts on each film, I kept them short and sweet for you. And I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've seen any of these!

Jurassic Park_Movie Poster_Steven Spielberg_Watch Movies

Jurassic Park Theatrical Release Poster

25 years later and this movie still holds up! As a child, I remembered this movie being epic and I was worried it would let me down rewatching it as an adult. But the T-Rex and raptors are still as terrifying as ever. 

Fave Scene: Glass of water on the car dash when the T-Rex arrives.

Fave Quote: "Hold on to your butts."

Three Identical Strangers Theatrical Release Poster

I don't want to reveal too much, but this documentary is definitely worth a watch. An unbelievable true story that turns out to be way more than it seems.

Fave Scene: Basically the entire first third of the movie with all of the reunited scenes.

Jaws_Roger Kastel_Movie Picks_Steven Spielberg

Jaws Theatrical Movie Poster

Amazing camera work + most quotable lines + iconic score = the ultimate thriller. 

Fave Scenes: 4th of July Beach Scene

Fave Quote: "You're gonna need a bigger boat." Duh.

Eighth Grade Theatrical Release Poster

LOVED this film. Anyone who was once an awkward eight grader (which I hope is everyone) can relate to this movie. Bo Burnham's shooting techniques and music choices make everything seem like such a big deal, which is exactly how it feels when you're in eight grade. Also his portrayal of all the grossness of adolescence is perfect. 

Fave Scene: Pool Scene

Fave Quote:

Mark: "What was in there?"

Kayla: "Just sort of my hopes and dreams."

Mark: "Right."

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Theatrical Release Poster

Wowza. I'll be honest, I couldn't even get through this whole movie. Maybe the last half was better than the first? It was just super chaotic, yet boring at the same time. Would love to hear if anyone else watched the entire movie and has some different opinions!