How to Document Your Vacation While Still Enjoying It

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As a videographer married to an amateur photographer, we love capturing our trips and vacations, but sometimes it can almost feel like a burden. I'm trying to take in the awe-inspiring magnitude of Notre Dame, while also trying to figure out the most artistic shot. It's hard to remember sometimes that yes we want beautiful photos and videos, but the purpose is to document the experience, not for the experience of documenting. So if there's any of you out there that are like us, I have a list of a few tips that help us enjoy our vacations while still taking great photos and video.

1. Plan enough time.

Remember that photographing and especially filming takes time in addition to the time scheduled for your visit. Be sure to tack on some extra time, so that you don't have to rush through either your visit or your filming. Traveling should be enjoyable, not stressful, and nothing is more stressful than feeling rushed!

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2. Resist the Urge to Pick Up Your Camera First.

This is your vacation. Your number one goal is to enjoy it. Take in the magnitude of your surroundings before you even pick up your camera. I promise you that the Colosseum will still be there to document when you're done taking it all in.

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3. Limit Your Shots.

The problem that I run into is that I always feel like I can get a better shot. I just keep shooting and shooting when I've already gotten plenty of great footage. I waste time, when I could be enjoying it with my family instead. If you've followed the second tip, then you've already had plenty of time to explore and probably have some good notions of where and what to shoot. I try to limit myself to a couple shots per subject, so that way I'm really thinking about the best shots I can get instead of wasting my time and storage going trigger happy.  You'll not only have a better experience, but you won't have to deal with sorting through 15 similar angles of the same thing.

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4. Don't Forget to Get the Family Shot!

This is something we are terrible at (Insert hand hitting face emoji)! For some reason, we just get consumed with shooting the sites and each other, that we forget to get a photo of us together. I think it's hard to hand the camera off to a stranger, because 1) you don't want to bother them on their vacation and 2) they may not understand your vision for the photo you want. This is where we have to let go and just be ok with a simple shot of everyone together. As long as the whole family is in focus and no one's head is cut off, you're good! These aren't going to be the most artistic or creative shots, but they're the ones you'll look back on with the biggest smile, because they encapsulate the your time together.

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5. Wait Until the End of the Day to Post to Social

This one was key in our most recent trip to Europe. We packed a lot into our two weeks, and really didn't have too much downtime at all. Most activities we did were only open during the day, so the last thing I wanted to do was waste that time sorting, editing, and posting photos to Instagram. Instead, we snapped photos and took video as we went along and waited until some downtime at night to go through and choose what to add to our stories and post. For us, this was the major key for a stress-free, enjoyable time, and none of our audience even knew or cared that we weren't posting in real time.