How to Clearly and Succinctly Explain Your Business

One of the keys to being an entrepreneur/owning a small business is creating new and innovative products or services that disrupt the marketplace like nothing else before. But sometimes it can be difficult to pitch a new idea or a new way of doing things to clients, because they may have a hard time visualizing how they can use this new product or service in their own lives.

You really have to paint a picture of how your business can make their lives better. A Branded Film does more than just tell people about your product or service, but it transports the user to the environment of your product and demonstrates its usefulness. Clients can picture themselves using it rather than just reading about it.

A Branded Film gives clients the opportunity to imagine how your business can improve their lives.

When I first met Wardrobe Stylist Ashley Kahn, I had never heard of a Wardrobe Stylist before. She explained her business, and I understood what she did, but it wasn't until I saw her working in my closet that I realized how much she could help me. Since then, I go to her for all my wardrobing challenges. Although Ashley is a fabulous people-person and great at explaining what she does, she had to put in a lot of time and effort to convert inquiries into clients. They needed to see her in action and be able to picture themselves in that situation before they took the next step to hire her. And now, Ashley's Branded Film does all of this and more in one and a half minutes. 

Ashley's clients and collaborators alike watch her Branded Film and get a glimpse into her talent and work ethic and the experience of working with her. They can visualize her in their wardrobe and how she can help save them time, money, and their sanity. And this is one of the many benefits of a Branded Film. Along with the ability to can use it over and over again without the added time or effort, a Branded Film gives clients the opportunity to imagine how your business can improve their lives.

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