Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Branded Film For Your Business

When inquiring about a Branded Film for their small business, most clients have a general idea of what they want from the film -- to visually showcase their story, connect with their ideal clients, and stand out from the competition. However, many don't know much about the filmmaking process. Most conversations go something like, "I have this vision for my film, I want it to look and feel like this. Now what?" From the outside, the process can seem daunting, so I broke it down into a few easy steps to demystify the process for you.

Tripp Films_Small Business Videography_Houston, TX

1) Prep

The prep work is everything that happens before we film. From the get go, I want to hear all about my clients and their businesses. We'll have conversations about your audience, brand, what sets you apart, and what you really want your ideal clients to see in this film. These beginning conversations are so important because they really help me figure out exactly who you are and how to portray your story visually. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want when they contact me, which is always wonderful. However, most of the time people have an idea of what it should feel like and look to me to bring it to life.

When we have the concept down, we will then brainstorm a shot list and "script." I put script in quotes, because many times your talking portion isn't necessarily scripted out. Some people need to know exactly what to say, while others prefer a conversational approach. In a conversational approach, we will have some main ideas that we need to hit on, and I will ask you questions that lead to the talking points. I always love a more conversational approach because it doesn't sound memorized or forced. On the other hand, some people can sound really natural with a script, so it just depends on whichever way makes you feel most comfortable. Whichever method you choose, sharing your voice in the film is an important part of telling your story and connecting with your audience. Lastly, I will help you prepare for the shoot, whether it's simply setting a date or helping you secure a location and gather props.

Tripp Films Interview Setup

2) Shoot

This is your time to relax and let me handle everything! Most Branded Films involve me capturing something you do on a daily basis, so you just do your thing while I follow along. My philosophy is that my equipment should never get in the way of telling your story, so my rig is small and unobtrusive and many times you forget that I'm even there.

When it comes time to telling your story on camera, some people tend to freeze up at first. That's totally normal! Once we get to talking though, everyone always relaxes and it just turns into a conversation about your amazing business with a friend. Whether scripted or conversational, I'll always have prompts to help you out. Because of the overall vision of the film, I may have you repeat a certain sentence or rephrase something a different way so that it flows throughout the film, but it's always your story coming through. Afterward, everyone always says, "well that was much easier than I thought it'd be!"

Tripp FIlms_Small Business Videographer_Houston, TX

3) Edit

After shooting, that's pretty much a wrap for you until it's time to view your films! I'll begin the editing process of putting your film together. Usually it's about a 4-6 week turnaround time for the first draft to be delivered to your inbox. From there, I'll give you instructions on viewing it and thinking about it critically for changes you may want to make. We will discuss edits until it's exactly what you want. Once it's perfect and you have no more changes to be made, I will send you the finalized version of the film. It's important to note, that none of the drafts should be shared publicly during the editing process because they are a lower resolution than the final film. The drafts simply won't look as great as the final films.

When you have the finalized film, it's yours to do with as you please! I always ask that you tag me when sharing and let me know when you plan to do so. I always love sharing my client films in a blog post but don't want to share it before you do!

I know that creating a Branded Film can be a big step for your business, but I hope that this post clarifies how easy the process is for you. My goal is to take care of you during this process so that you can spend your energy on your business, not worrying about the film. If you have any other questions about Branded Films, please reach out! I'd love to hear from you.

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