Business Video Mini Sessions

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Back in June I shot my first ever round of Business Video Mini Sessions! I have had this idea for quite some time: to batch shoot videos for businesses, so that they can have an "About Me" video for their websites and socials at an affordable price. I wanted a way to offer a fun, low-stakes baby step into video for those who want to use more video content but are either budget-conscious OR super nervous about being on camera.

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The reason it took so long for me to act on this idea, was because I wasn’t exactly sure how to make it happen. There are a lot of photographers offering mini sessions, but I’ve never seen a videographer do this, because the fact is that videography takes a lot more time for prep, shooting, and editing. However, after pondering this for some time, I came up with an idea that just might work. I did a test shoot and discovered I could make it happen!

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The session had 2 parts: a short answer interview and a slo-mo booth. The interview allows you to share about your business, your passion and your personality, while the slo-mo footage adds a little fun to the film (and to help me with the editing process). The result is a super fun and engaging 1-2 minute video that gives potential clients some insight into you and your business.

Even though almost every single person was a little nervous (even the most confident get nervous once the red light goes on ;), every single participant knocked it out of the park. I was so proud of each of these ladies for talking confidently about what they do and I also loved getting to see how creative they were in the slo-mo booth. I had some fun props for them to use, but I also invited them to bring anything related to their business. I LOVE how the footage turned out. Here’s a little montage of my favorite slo-mo moments.


To give you an idea of how the session went for the clients. Everyone arrived 10 minutes before their start time and were greeted by my illustrious Office Manager Roxana (who is also my mom). I then took them over to prep them for the interview. I mic’d them and explained to them how it was going to work. We then got started filming their interview, which lasted about 15-20 minutes. After that, I handed them off to my handsome second shooter Jordan (who is also my husband) to shoot their slo-mo footage. After that, they grabbed their swag bag and some snacks and were on their way with a video shoot under their belt!


It was a super fun day and I can’t wait to do it again! I’ve had several people ask about future sessions, and I plan to do a Business Mini Session again in the fall/winter. So if you’re interested, you can stay up to date and receive the first announcement by signing up for my newsletter. Lastly, special thanks to my team, Jordan, Roxana and Nicole, who were vital to the success of the day and to Layla Hillail for capturing the day!


Photography by Le Zu Photography, Films by Tripp Films