Branded Film: Rebranding for Swish & Click

This is an exciting client project reveal, because Christine and I worked on her new Branded Film for the better part of a year! At the beginning of 2017, Christine began planning her rebrand from CWright Photography to Swish & Click. Because she wanted to take her time and do it right, the new brand wouldn't officially launch until 2018, and doing it right included a Branded Film that completely captured her personality, brand, and passion for what she does.

Swish & Click Uses Video to Show off Business Rebrand.JPG

The new Swish & Click is photography with personality. The main thing that Christine wanted to show off in the film is the experience of working with her. Christine is fun and exuberant, loves all things nerdy, and has a contagiously wild laugh! She is genuinely so excited when working with her couples, making the experience fun and comfortable for them. The result? Great, natural moments for their photographs. The footage of her interacting with her clients was essential for this film, because it inspires people that they can have beautiful photos AND a great experience getting them.

Christine's rebrand was the perfect time to get a Branded Film. She's able to:

  • Convey her new brand messaging to her existing audience in a concise way.
  • Book new clients that are in her target market.
  • Boost her new site's SEO.
  • Lastly, she has new video content for social platforms, which increases engagement along with marketing to new clients.

It's a fantastic investment with all the ways she's able to utilize the film. If you're planning on rebranding or in the middle of it already, I seriously encourage you to think about a Branded Film to market your new brand and give a voice to your new message. If you have any questions over the Branded Film Process, you can contact me here!