Branded Film: Petra Oil Company

I've got something a little different for you today! One of the things I love about my job is that I get to work with such a wide range of businesses, and every project is different! I was super excited when Petra Oil Company reached out about a series of video content for their products. After producing a few product videos, we decided a Branded Film would be a great addition for their website and social media as an overview of Petra's brand and culture.

Passionate Storytelling_Petra Oil Co_Tripp Films

I was excited to jump on board with this project because it all came together so easily. One thing that really made this project a success was that president and CEO Arnold Gacita had a specific vision for the film. He wanted it to be fast-paced and exciting to show how much Petra is doing and how fast they are growing. Very rock and roll! It was also helpful that I had already worked with them before on a couple projects, had visited their headquarters and met several of their employees. I already understood their brand and story so well, so I could picture what each shot would look and feel like in my head. 

Along with each different Branded Film comes its own set of creative goals and challenges. This particular style and vibe was fun to shoot, because I was able to be really creative in getting certain shots. It gave me the chance to try out some new filming and editing techniques that I hadn't found the right fit for until now. And the great thing is, not only are these shots are cool to watch, they have a specific purpose and ultimately serve the story and vision for the film. They get you excited for all that Petra is doing.

Petra Oil Co_Branded Film_Tripp Films

I loved having this opportunity to work with Arnold and everyone at Petra. Not only are they passionate about their business, they are also passionate about making a great video that sets themselves apart in a number of ways. Petra's new catalog of video content provides valuable resources to their customers and clearly shows their audience who they are and what they are about. They are getting people excited about what they're doing and showing that they are a smart, relevant company full of forward-thinkers.

Creativity in filmmaking_Tripp Films_Branded Film_Petra Oil Co

I was recently asked if there are only certain types of businesses or brands that I want to work with, and the answer is definitely no! The main thing that I care about when working with a brand is that you're passionate about your business AND excited about creating a video for it. Just like with Arnold, if you're passionate about what you do, it'll shine through and we'll figure out the best way to show your story together!

Interested in telling your story and setting your business apart with a Branded Film? Let's chat!

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