Branded Film: Edloe Finch

When I usually share about Edloe Finch, it’s to show off Product Films, but this time I’m sharing their brand new Branded Film! Founders Jessica and Darryl are hilarious and so fun to work with, so I was super excited when they decided to add a Branded Film to their marketing. I think there are several components that make this film a success: Jessica and Darryl’s genuine interaction, their signature style, their own personal need for their product and the beautiful lifestyle product shots.

Edloe Finch_Darryl and Jessica_Tripp Films_Brand Video

That moment when you deliver an awesome line but then break immediately after ha!

It took us a bit to figure out the tone for this film. At first we were thinking serious, but Darryl and Jessica are constantly joking and laughing, so we decided to embrace what felt most natural to them. I have SEVERAL outtakes of Darryl going off script and improvising his furniture cowboy character! I was dying laughing the entire time I was sorting their footage.

An example of an Edloe Finch Product Film

The rest of the film came really naturally. Darryl and Jessica are passionate about their products because they had a need in their own life for “soulful, stylish furniture at a really good price.” That passion comes through anytime you talk to them and I knew it would come through really well on film. After that, we just needed to capture some of the integral parts of their business: designing pieces, styling, their Houston-based warehouse and of course their gorgeous furniture.

Edloe Finch_Branded Film_Tripp Films_Brand Video

Once I found the perfect song, the whole film just fell into place! I really love the end product. It’s fun, stylish, upbeat, relatable and, most importantly, gets you excited about Edloe Finch furniture!

Are you interested in telling your story in a Branded Film? Reach out, I’d love to chat more!

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