Branded Film: Cuteheads

This Branded Film for cuteheads was definitely a fun one! It is by far the cutest film I've ever made - I mean 12 precious little girls in adorable dresses, how is that not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?! Esther had a specific vision when she contacted me about making this film for cuteheads. I absolutely loved her concept of cute overload - lots of laughter, twirling, playing, and cute faces. And of course all of this cuteness has a purpose, which is to show off the comfiness, durability, and love that goes into each of these handmade dresses. 

I went into the shoot day with a game plan, although aware that it might be derailed by 12 spirited girls all trapped in one studio. The first two hours were a whirlwind of chaotic fun, which involved me chasing after the girls on my knees with my camera. After everything calmed down, I got to sit down with Esther and talk more about her story in building this business and brand. I love the way her passion really shines through her eyes and smile in this film.

Photo by  West Studios

Photo by West Studios

The best part of working with Esther was that although she had a concept for the film and the way her brand should be portrayed, she let me take the reigns in how to best realize her vision. She trusted me as a filmmaker to make her vision come to life. Esther has been using this Branded Film as an ad campaign on Facebook with tons of success directing traffic to her website and making sales. Last time I checked it has over 18,000 views!! That's A LOT of brand exposure for her local biz.

Not only was this a super fun and successful shoot, but this is also the content that really makes my heart happy. I love being able to connect with other business owners to really understand their brand and then visually translate it into a beautiful film. For many small business owners, this is their baby and I feel so honored when they trust me with the task of handling their story.