Branded Film: Ashley Kahn Wardrobe Stylist

I'm so excited to present Wardrobe Stylist Ashley Kahn's Branded Film! A little back story first. I've known Ashley for almost a year, and as soon as I started Tripp Films we became working buddies. Since then, I've gotten to know more of her story and her passion behind empowering women through style. One thing I've learned is that her work genuinely comes from a love for others around her. Ashley has been my number one fan and supporter since day one, and I'm so thankful to know her and be inspired by her daily!  

Ashley wanted a film that would bring her brand and website to the next level, so we began meeting over the past couple months to plan out a film that visually represents who she is, what she does, and how valuable her services are. Many times, clients need to see her working in their closet before they really understand the value she brings to their lives. This can be problematic for gaining new clients though, so we worked together to create a film that highlights the value of her work before she even steps foot in their wardrobe.

Because many women can be intimidated by stylists, Ashley wanted the film to be a fun introduction into who she is and how she can help them. Authenticity was key in showing that her process isn't scary, but in fact, it's super fun, comfortable, and helpful! I should know, Ashley did a styling session with me, so I experienced her process firsthand. In order to show what it's really like to work with Ashley, we decided to film REAL sessions with REAL clients to capture the authentic interactions between her and her clients. 

Ashley is super bubbly and loves people, so upbeat music and fast cuts were a must for this film. Her goal is to make it fun for the women she's styling, and we just needed a little bit of her voice to make the film truly authentic to who she is. Her voiceover adds the perfect cherry on top to this fun fashion flick. 

Along with viewing it here, you can also check out the film on Ashley's newly redesigned website: