Behind the Scenes Film: Smart in the Kitchen


For those subscribed to my newsletter, I shared last week about the importance of having a video strategy, rather than a one-off Branded Film or Behind the Scenes Film. A video strategy doesn't necessarily have to include all professionally produced, cinematic films (although your Branded Film should definitely be professionally produced). It's more about connecting with your audience, sharing your story, and providing engaging content for your followers. And one client who is knocking this out of the park is Marcia Smart of Smart in the Kitchen!

Marcia is an amazing cooking instructor and food blogger, and I started working with her at the beginning of the year to create a Behind the Scenes Film, along with several Quick Kitchen Tips and Recipe Videos. For the Behind the Scenes Film, we really wanted to capture Marcia's fresh, seasonal and simple approach to meal planning and cooking. I absolutely love her mission of sharing tips and simple recipes to make it easy to put dinner on the table for your family. Marcia is also unbelievably sweet, so I really wanted to showcase the warm and inviting environment she creates for her classes. 

Smart in the Kitchen Meal Planning_Tripp Films Behind the Scenes_Food Blogger
Tripp Films_Cooking Instructor_Smart in the Kitchen_Behind the Scenes

For the Kitchen Tips and Recipe Videos, these are all Marcia! She has so much valuable knowledge to share, and all I have to do is figure out how to shoot it. A little side note - I've literally adopted every single one of her tips into my cooking routine (except the holding a knife the correct way, still haven't broken that bad habit yet!) and they have changed my life. Especially the salad dressing, it's a staple in our house now. Ok now back to video strategy. The point is, she's creating content that's beneficial to her audience and also aligns with her mission. It's something they can get excited about and gives them a little taste of what a Smart in the Kitchen Cooking Class is like. 

I had an absolute blast hanging out with Marcia and creating her video content this year. And I'm so excited to continue building her video strategy with even more Kitchen Tips and Recipe Videos! That's right, we may or may not be working on more video content, so stay tuned for more from Marcia. You can also follow her on Instagram for even more recipes, meal plans and tips. 

If you're interested in starting your own video strategy for your business with a Branded Film, or building it out with Product Films and other video content, let's chat

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