Behind the Scenes Film: Jessica McMurtrey Photography

I don't know if you're ready for all the sweetness that's about to ensue in this Behind the Scenes Film for Jessica McMurtrey Photography! Jessica is a family and lifestyle photographer and wanted to create a specific film that shows off her newborn photography services. Beforehand, we chatted about what was important to get across to parents who could potentially book her. The main things Jessica wanted to concentrate on were 1) all the sweetness, because that's exactly what parents want captured in their newborn photos, and 2) that their newborn will be in great and caring hands during this process. This second point is a big one, since parents bring their babies for photos when they are literally only days old! Jessica doesn't have any kids of her own, so it's super important to build that trust with parents, which results in confident and happy bookings.

As a side note, I've filmed other photographers before, but really had no idea how specialized the process of photographing a newborn is. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes of these gorgeous soft newborn photos, from props to heaters to shushing noise apps! But for the parents, it's a simple and easy process, which is 1) bring baby, and 2) hand baby off to Jessica. She takes care of the rest, from dressing to soothing and swaddling. By showing off the calm, easy experience with Jessica that results in the sweetest newborn photos, this film does all the heavy lifting of building trust with clients before they even have to speak with Jessica. 

If you're interested in a Behind the Scenes Film for your brand, let's grab coffee and chat!

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