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How to Document Your Vacation While Still Enjoying It

As a videographer married to an amateur photographer, we love capturing our trips and vacations, but sometimes it can almost feel like a burden. I'm trying to take in the awe-inspiring magnitude of Notre Dame, while also trying to figure out the most artistic shot. It's hard to remember sometimes that yes we want beautiful photos and videos, but the purpose is to document the experience, not for the experience to be documenting. 

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Europe Tripp Recap Part 1: London

Back in October, Jordan and I took our first trip to Europe! This trip was a long time in the making and I'm excited to share all that we did and saw. Just to preface this recap, Jordan and I really enjoy getting to know the cities we visit, so we did A LOT of walking. We feel like that's the best way to discover a new place!

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5 Tips to Capture Great Video of Your Family on your phone

We're mid-holiday season, and I'm sure you've been in full documenting mode, taking pics of your kids decorating the Christmas tree, shooting videos of ice skating, or snapping shots in your ugly sweaters. While your home videos will be cherished for their content not quality, a little bit of knowledge and effort will make those memories something you'll want to watch and share over and over again.

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