7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Branded Film

You just got your fresh, new Branded Film! Yay! But now what do you do with it? Show it off, of course! And I've listed 7 ways to get eyes on your Branded Film, so you can make the most out of it.

What to do with your Branded Film_Tripp Films

1. Embed it on Your Website

Your Branded Film should be the first thing people see when they go to your website. It captures their attention fast and keeps them engaged. Not only that, but Google LOVES video, so having video on your site is a major plus when it comes to SEO. Just simply embedding your video on your site is great, but if you want to get into the nitty gritty, you can read Google's Best Practices to further ensure it pops up in searches. 

2. Upload it to Your YouTube Channel

I don't even have a YouTube channel, you say... Well now's the time to start it! A lot of websites don't allow direct upload of video files because they are generally big files. So, chances are you'll probably have to upload it to a video platform in order to embed it on your website. YouTube is basically the 2nd largest search engine, which means it's a great place for new people to find you.

Personal confession - I used to hate YouTube and "YouTubing" as a social activity (insert eye roll). I thought it was just full of cat videos and stupid stunts (gag). But within that past couple of years, I've realized that there's a TON of great content on YouTube that's actually worth my time. It's a wonderful community full of anything and everything! If you're interested in a certain topic, you'll be able to find a YouTube channel about it. And people can find yours too.

3. Add All the Tags

As I said before, YouTube is a search engine, so you want to make sure your videos are visible to people looking for them, whether intentionally or inadvertently. The way you do this is by adding relevant tags (this applies to any video platform, not just YouTube). Add a range of general tags, specific tags to your video and specific tags to your brand. Also, be sure to add a good description of the video. Make it really easy for people to find you from your video by putting your website and socials in the description of each video, as well as your channel description. 


Putting Your Branded Film on Youtube_Tripp Films

4. Share it on Social

For Instagram, you cannot share a video longer than one minute, unless on IGTV. You can share the full Branded Film on Facebook, but I definitely recommend using a Social Media Trailer as a short teaser for the full film. You can then direct people to watch the full film on your website, driving more traffic to your site. Make it easy for them to get there; include the link either in your profile on Instagram or directly in the post on Facebook. 

5. Embed it in Your Newsletter

Most newsletter platforms support video now, so take advantage! Share it with your email list, after all they are the ones most interested in what you've got going on! You can also use the video as a way to get more subscribers. Announce that you can't wait to share the first look at your new Branded Film with your newsletter subscribers before the public will see it. 

6. Share it in a Blog

The more places you have video on your site, the better! Use it as an opportunity to talk about the inspiration behind the film, why it's important that your customers know your story and see you in action, what you hope they get from the video and how you think it will help them. 

7. Share it again!

But really! Your Branded Film is only useful if people see it. Don't just share it once and then forget about it. You're constantly gaining new followers on social media, so keep sharing it every couple of months. Plus with the crazy algorithms, some of your old followers may have not seen it the first time. And this is a great way to experiment and see what gets the most engagement and/or traffic back to your site, depending on what your goals are. Each time you share about it, try posting something different, like first the social media trailer, then the full video, then a photo or screenshot from the video, etc. Pay attention to what works and use that for the next video!