6 Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Business

Tripp Films_Grow Your Business with Video

It’s no secret that video is the future (and present) of marketing and building a brand presence. But how you can use video and what can it accomplish? Well today I’m sharing 6 different types of videos, each with a different function to grow your business!

1. Show Behind the Scenes with a TIME LAPSE

A time lapse or hyperlapse is the perfect way to show the passing of time. These are great video options for any business that creates a product, like a florist or calligrapher, to show the process behind their creation. However, this also is really a great option for any business to show how they work. I posted a hyperlapse recently of me setting up and shooting a plate of food for a client. Your audience will LOVE more insight into what you do and your unique process.


2. Get Personal with a SELFIE

In general, I usually only post selfie videos to my Instagram stories, but I love how Alyssa Rosenheck posts them to her Instagram feed! She keeps them simple and pretty with good lighting and a nice background but is able to get personal with her followers by speaking directly to them.


3. Have fun with a BOOMERANG

You can literally show off anything with a Boomerang. A Boomerang makes any sort of action look 10x more fun. Stamping an envelope, cheers-ing, pouring a cup of coffee, writing an email… Ok maybe not writing an email, but you get the gist.


4. Put Your Branding on Display with a STOP-MOTION

Stop-Motion Films are a great way to share branding, values, or an idea in a creative way. You can create stop-motion films of anything, but one option is to update the ubiquitous Flat Lay with some animation. A stop-motion instantly updates the flat-lay, making it fun, dynamic and more likely to catch that viewer’s eye.


5. Show off your goods with PRODUCT FILMS

When photos aren’t enough to demonstrate all of the great qualities of your products, showcase them in a Product Film. Product Films mix together beautifully clean product shots along with engaging lifestyle shots to highlight all of the features, while allowing the viewer to envision how your product fits into their own life.


6. Share your story with a BRANDED FILM

What makes your business different from the next? Ultimately, it’s your unique story. Stories engage, connect and build deeper meaning behind a brand and products. By sharing your unique story in a beautifully crafted, cinematic Branded Film, you’re building trust with your consumers and engaging them in a meaningful way. Not only that, a Branded Film legitimizes your business even more when your potential customers see that you’ve put in the time and resources to give them a great brand experience.