5 Ways to get the MOST from a Branding Photography Session

As many of you know, I recently re-launched the Tripp Films website. It was in need of a little facelift and one of the reasons I love the new look so much is my branding photos by Christine Wright. Along with a Branded Film to tell your story, it's also super important that all of your photographs reflects your branding and really show off what it looks like to work with you. I had never done branding photos before so I was a little nervous, but Christine is so fun and laid back that the session was really easy. One thing I really loved about working with her is that she did a fantastic job of trying to understand my brand and really listening to what I wanted while also sharing good advice. I enjoyed working with her so much and I'm so excited that she's taking over the blog today to share her tips on getting the most from a branding photography session. So without further ado, here is Christine!

Christine Wright_Branding Photos_Swish & Click

Image by L Frederick Hinojosa

1) Know what you want to capture

From the beginning, it’s vital to spend some time brainstorming so that you have a clear vision of images you want from the photo shoot. Your vision needs to have your ideal client in mind, because these images need to talk specifically to them. Who do you want to serve? How do you best serve them? What sort of stories talk to them? All these answers will get you to the point where you know exactly what you want in your shot list and how you want it to look.


2) Make a List

You need a shot list, and if you can, storyboards to accompany it. Use the information from the previous point to create a list of all the images you want. Do you want to have images of you meeting with clients? Include it in your list. Do you want images of you in action? Add it to the list. Do you want pictures of products or flat lay images? Bingo, it’s on your list.

Then if you make a storyboard or an inspiration board, that will help your photographer know how to artistically approach the session, so that it is captured in your vision. I make my storyboards in Photoshop, but I've had clients make theirs in Canva. Nikki even made a simple Pinterest board for me. I have found these storyboards to be invaluable tools in communicating with my clients, as I might see something they say in my head differently than they do. The board helps clear up communication issues and you get much better images.

Tripp Films_Branding Photos_Inspiration Board

3. Go Shopping!

I am going to bet you need stuff for the shoot. Props, styling items, a new outfit, etc. When I rebranded and did my branding shoot, I wound up doing several styled boards, which meant purchasing different items to fit different themes. Even though you have your shot list, sometimes the shoot evolves, so I bought extra items just in case.

I’m always on the lookout for props that fit with my brand style, so that my photos are elevated and recognizable. This typically happens in Target or Paper Source, as they carry a lot of office supplies that fit the look of my brand. Simple items like office supplies in your brand colors or paint chips that you pick up at the hardware store can elevate a concept from good to great. You don't always have to spend a ton of money either. Nikki "shopped" around her home and used mostly film items she already had on hand. She just bought some flowers and greenery to add that perfect touch.

Tripp Films_Branding Photos_Flat Lay Equipment

4. Hair, Makeup and Styling

You want to look professional for your images, even if your brand is laid back. Any photoshoot that includes you means you need freshly done hair. For women, get a blow out, and if you dye your hair, I would touch up your roots. For men, get a trim the week before the shoot for all your hair (head and face). A week gives it time to grow back a bit, so it is not as blunt looking.

For women, wearing makeup is a good idea. It doesn’t have to be professionally done, but just a little makeup adds a professional touch. Also, if your hands are going to be in shots, get your nails done, even if it's just having them cleaned and trimmed. 

Lastly, make sure your clothing is on-brand. You don’t want to clash with the props you have. So if your brand is edgy, wear a leather jacket with jeans. If your brand has an airier look and feel, then wearing white and khaki (for the guys) or a flowy white dress (for the ladies) would fit the bill. Most of all, make sure you feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable in anyway, it will show in your images.


5. Have fun

Seriously! These images will give you loads of content for months and will show off your beautiful work, as well as yourself. So get a good night’s rest going into the shoot, eat a good breakfast, and get excited!! Your brand is about to get some killer images that will take it to the next level!!

Tripp Films_Branding Photos_In Action

If you're interested in some amazing Branding Photos, go check out Christine now! And if you're intersted in taking your brand even further with a Branded Film, feel free to contact me!

Images by Christine Wright, unless noted otherwise.