Creative Goals for Tripp Films

While I have been shooting projects and putting together my website throughout this year, Tripp Films officially became a reality just last month. My days have been filled with business plans, business cards, finances, and marketing strategies, so I wanted to take some time to sit down and make some creative business goals that will help me best serve you. Although these may change with time, I want them to serve as milestones and be a reflection of my mindset when I first started. 

Tell stories in a cinematic and artful way.

Goal #1: Tell stories in a cinematic and artful way.

You are hard-working, many-hats-wearing, daring, and unstoppable. You started somewhere small and you’ve worked your butt off to create something great. You deserve to actually show it off.  I want to translate your everyday processes and unique intricacies into stunning images that showcase what makes you and your product so special.

Create personal films.

Goal #2: Create personal films.

People make connections and form relationships with other people. I want to get to know you, your business, and where your passion comes from, so that I can create a film that is personal to you and will connect your story with others. 

Be an approachable & calming presence.

Goal #3: Be an approachable & calming presence.

I totally get it. Being in front of a camera isn't easy for everyone, but we'll get to know each other so that you feel comfortable and at ease to be yourself.

Blog Post- Goals 4.jpg

Goal #4: Make great work!

I want to create work that I stand behind and that I’m proud to put out into the world. That means I do my homework and put the extra time and thought into the best shot, framing, style, and music for your needs. I plan shots while also allowing space for spontaneous moments that will flow together into your beautiful story.

I'm excited to see how my creative goals evolve in the coming years as Tripp Films grows. If you have any questions about me or my company, feel free to reach out! I'd really love to hear from you.